Thursday, July 4, 2013

Sabbath School Lesson for the Third Quarter of 2013 Now Available for Download

Recent technological advances have changed the way information is produced, consumed, and shared in ways that may have been unimaginable in decades past. Used with an eye single to the glory of God, these advances are wonderful instruments for sharing the treasures of the Gospel and the upbuilding of God’s kingdom.

With these technologies becoming more and more available, we have decided to try and keep up by producing digital versions of our publications. It is quite an endeavor, and thus would have to be done in increments. One of the first to be given attention is the Sabbath School Lesson, which we began to distribute as an ebook during the second half of the past quarter.

From this quarter on, however, the digital and the print versions will be released simultaneously. The lesson in pdf is now available for free download here. Click on the Menu button at the bottom of the file to display Download and Print options. Or  the Full Screen button just beside it for online reading. A widget has also been added to the top of our sidebar.

The digital version is perfect for smartphones, tablets, ebook readers, and personal computers so you'll have the lesson with you everywhere you go. And because it's paper-free, we've been able to add pictures and illustrations that are not on the print version.

This quarter’s lesson is the first of a three-part study of the inspired book, Christ’s Object Lessons by Ellen G. White. The book itself is a compilation of Christ’s Parables with inspired explanations and elaborations.

We also invite you to listen to and even download the sermons we feature on this blog which are also accessible through the sidebar or by the Audio Sermons tab.

If you desire more materials, please do not hesitate to leave a comment or email.

We hope you are blessed by the materials that we share.

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